7 Essential Advanced SEO Checkup That You Should Know


7 Essential Advanced SEO Checkup That You Should Know

The internet is the best place for the business and brand to promote their career. The internet is a part of our day to day life which demands the business to come online. The perfect Search Engine Optimization will lead to massive success over online organically.

The 7 Essential Advanced Search Engine Optimization Checkup that we’ve mentioned in this blog post will help you know the better techniques that exist.

It is all about making a successful business online and it really pays off. The marketing techniques that each brand and person use have a different path. The 7 essential SEO factors that we’re about to cover are listed below.

1. Anchor Text Audit
2. Spy on Competitors’ House
3. Check the previous look of any site
4. Competitors’ On-Page Audit
5. Optimizing your Website Speed
6. Jackle Link Building
7. SERP Tracking

Most of the newbie those who create a website or an e-commerce would never do the SEO genuinely as they don;t have awareness.

One should generate content with useful info to reach millions of targeted audience. The better the content the better the conversion would be.

You should keep concentrate on the On-Page SEO factors to add value to your precious content. The better search engine optimized content would perform well over SERP – Search Engine Results Page.

1. Anchor Text Audit

The Anchor Text Audit is a type of advanced SEO tactics that newbie may unaware of. I recommend you keep an eye over Anchor Text Audit. It is the text that points or the hyperlink to your Website.

1. If you’re about to comment on any neighbor’s blog post, then you might have used any Name while commenting on that post. The URL that merges with the Name you comment would be considered as the Anchor Text.

2. You may be thinking that you’re the only person commenting and pointing your Anchor Name to your website. But there are more people who have given the backlink for your web pages.

3. They might have spammed your brand or have any bad intention on your business. So, you should check them carefully and take down the irrelevant yet spammy Anchor Text pointing to your website.

You should check your Anchor Text Complete details online via any perfect online tools. It would help you check the bad anchor text that affects your website performance indirectly.

2. Spy on Competitors’ House

Spying your competitors’ website would make you take some decision that works for you. There are several websites that show the complete analysis of your competitors’ website.

Make use of some of the website such as BuiltWith to know your competitors’ complete technology.

1. Analyze your competitors’ CMS platform.
2. Look into your competitors’ advertising network and the revenue model.
3. Stalk on your Competitors’ Plugins and add-ons.
4. On what server does he/she host with the help of Whois Database.

You could extend your competitors’ research through various online web tools and act according to them on your website. It sometimes works.

3. Check the previous look of any site

There are some websites such as archive.is and more online which helps the people view the previous look of any website effortlessly. You might be eagerly thinking about how does a website look at the past.

To know about this, you should check the online tool that displays the way back machine of any website. It helps you identify the changes that the website has come through.

1. It helps you check the transformation of any website.
2. You’ll be able to analyze the past look and gain some knowledge for your upcoming website.
3. The Wayback Machine also shows you the previous article and deleted content that is cached by the library.

Make use of this strategy and boost your website performance by studying the past look of any competitor website effortlessly.

4. Competitors’ On-Page Audit

The competitors’ On-Page SEO tactics could be keenly noted with the help of some plugins and browser add-ons. This will let you know how you could improve your On-Page Optimization for your Web Content.

1. The keyword density and the most often repeated keywords could be analyzed.
2. The LSI keywords that the competitor bundles could be transparently stalked.
3. The Authority of any particular web page could be also measured.
4. You could also dig the links and their nature such as Do-Follow or No-Follow easily.

5. Optimizing your Website Speed

The website speed alters the output of your website directly. You must have a fast loading website that doesn’t malfunction at any time.

1. Check your website speed score and audit it with the help of online tools.
2. Make sure your website doesn’t have any heavy codings and complex HTML codes.
3. Audit your website speed and compare it with your competitor website effectively.
4. Combine all the complex codes and heavy compressive part of your website into a single module.

Your Mobile SEO also matters a lot. You should also check whether there is any issue with the AMP content via online webmaster tools.

6. Jackle Link Building

The link building is the process that keeps most of the people flying up due to its wide functionality. The backlinking strategy is the most crucial yet effective way of getting a good SERP without any magical method.

1. Keep an eye on your competitors’ backlink strategy and do the same.
2. Steal the backlink destination that your competitor follows and make use of it.
3. Use any online tools to monitor your competitors’ and your website backlinks regularly.

7. SERP Tracking

The SERP – Search Engine Results Page tracking should be mandatory in these days. It helps you track your website growth and work according to it. The SERP tracking for your competitor should be also practiced using any online tools.

1. SERP Tracking will let you know the position of your keywords ranking for.
2. The competitor analysis could be also made by comparing with your website.
3. This will allow you to pick some fancy and trendy keywords that have potential to rank higher over SERP.


Finally, you’ve read the 7 advanced yet most underrated SEO practice via this blog post. I recommend you explore more things over the internet and analyze your competitor to perform better.

Make sure your website doesn’t have any spammy content as well. This may hurt you the most and affect the SERP to the core. These advanced techniques should be practiced by the beginner in a perfect way to outrank the website globally.

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